Cabinetry & Builder's Hardware

Apply Bumpers to Cabinet Doors
Apply Bumpers to Drawers
Use Bumpers as a Door Stop

Bumpers Dampen the harsh sound of slamming cabinet doors.

Try WS-58 Quiet Close Bumper or WS-33 Pyramid Bumper

Bumpers prevent loud slamming noises and protects sliding hardware from continued abuse by not relying on the hardware's stopping mechanism.

Bumpers also quiets and protects doorknobs and walls. This eliminates the unsightly damage in walls.

Try Recessed Bumper for door stops.

Picture Frames

Apply bumpers to the back of picture frames to keep from marring the walls
Keep picture frames stable, preventing them from marking and damaging the walls.    

Cutting Boards and Other Table-Top Objects

Apply Bumpers to Cutting Boards
Apply Bumpers to Appliances and other table top objects
Apply to the bottom of acrylic and exhibit displays
Hold cutting boards firmly in place on all counter surfaces. Special high performance acrylic adhesives withstand the most extreme conditions including dishwasher cleaning.

Appliance feet prevent appliances or speakers from sliding. One would typically use standard durometer for this application.

Try Square Bumpers for feet

Prevents Sliding underneat acrylic displays, POP and all types of retail exhibits. Protects against marking on all surfaces.

Electronics and Computer Equipment

Apply bumpers to PCB circuit boards instead of standoffs

Save time and money instead of using screw-on standoffs in electronic equipment. Save the expense of drilling PCB and just 'stick-on' standoffs onto your circuit board. Not only is it quicker to install, but the bumper normally costs less than standoffs.

Try Cylindrical Bumpers or Conical Bumpers for standoffs.

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