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WS-39 Hemispherical Polyurethane Bumper
as low as 7.6¢ per pc.

Cross Reference: None

Available in: Clear - Black

Clear Description Cost ¢ / unit    
WS-39CL-CASE Case of 5,040 Clear Pieces/Units $382.31
WS-39CL-HBOX Box of 2,520 Clear Pieces/Units $280.76
Black Description Cost ¢ / unit    
WS-39BL-CASE Case of 5,040 Black Pieces/Units $382.31
WS-39BL-HBOX Box of 2,520 Black Pieces/Units $280.76

Technical Information

  English Metric
Diameter (Width) 3/4" 19.1 mm
Height (Projection) 5/64" 1.9 mm

Full Case Layout

pcs per full case 5040
pcs per pad 84
pads per case 60
pad piece layout 12 across x 7 down

Polyurethane Specifications
Spec Name Value
Tensile Strength, psi 627psi
Elongation,% 192%
Tear Strength, pli 214 pli
Hardness, Shore A 60-70 Shore A
Bashore Rebound, % 27%
Abrasion Resistance g/1K cycles Tabor 0.016
QUV (500 hours) Slight Yellowing
Adhesive Specifications
Spec Name Value
Static Shear Test 300+ hours
Quick Tack - Stainless Steel 77 oz/in2
Peel Adhesion 64 oz/in
Substrate: Thickness 2 mils
Substrate: Weight 10,000 in2/lb
Substrate: Tensil Strength 28,000 psi MD
Liner: Thickness 6.2 mils
Temperature: Application 65 deg F - 150 deg F
Temperature: End Use 0 deg F - 180 deg F
Substrate Elongation 120% MD
Shelf Life 24 months
Storage 73.4 deg F and 55% rel humidity
Liner: Basis Weight 92.0 lb

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Warning: Choking Hazard. Bumpers are not recommended where toddlers or infants are present.

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